Life is a gift.  It is a gratuitous gift from God.  Each of us is given the opportunity to enjoy this marvelous gift of life on Earth, and no one has the right to claim it.  Life’s many lessons no doubt shape our character, and education is a tool with lasting impact.  St. John Bosco professed that “education is a matter of the heart,” insisting that the Salesians emphasize formation of the whole person.

Don Bosco School of Excellence strives to shape the character of children through core values based on the charism of St. John Bosco.

I read a newspaper article on the topic of education that I found fascinating. At the end of World War II, this letter was found in a Nazi concentration camp, addressed to teachers:

“Dear Teachers,

I am a survivor of a concentration camp.  My eyes saw what no man should witness:  Gas chambers built by learned engineers.  Children poisoned by educated physicians.  Infants killed by trained nurses.  Women and babies shot and burned by high school and college graduates.  So, I am suspicious of education.  My request is:  help your students become human.  Your efforts must never produce learned monsters, skilled psychopaths, and educated illiterates.  Reading, writing, arithmetic are important only if they serve to make our children more humane.”  

Don Bosco School of Excellence has always been a cradle of love and care toward humanity, serving to impart its core values.  Each of us bears the responsibility to build a better world for tomorrow.  Let us join together as teachers, parents, and well-wishers – educators all – to encourage our children to be more HUMANE in this SELFISH SOCIETY.

My prayers and wishes to all,
Fr. Martin, S.D.B.
Principal, Don Bosco School of Excellence

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